Dear Friends,

While in Haiti, as I sat visiting with Pastor Diogene in Remoussin this past month, I thought of each partner we have in this ministry and what a blessing that is. I saw God reach down and touch the lives of many lost Haitians as He uses you, your prayers, and your financial support.

Year 2006 was a difficult year in some ways. Due to the very unstable political situation in Haiti, we had to cancel several team trips. And unfortunately that unrest continues, intensifying even more. So as we look forward to 2007, we are not very optimistic concerning short term mission trips.

However, 2006 was a very positive year. Pastor Diogene and his evangelistic ministry team have continued to reach out and God is using them mightily to reach the lost for Christ. For a week, beginning December 11, the ministry team was in Remoussin conducting an evangelistic crusade. Remoussin is a village near Tricotte. We started a small school 2 years ago in a house in Remoussin and last year built 4 classrooms there.

During the crusade in Remoussin last month I saw a tremendous moving of God’s miraculous saving power throughout the week as 180 people from Remoussin trusted the Savior, including a woman who was 103 years old. With the average life expectancy of a Haitian at about 50 years old that’s amazing that one old lady would live that long. God mercifully spared her life and now she is a born again child of God.

The evangelistic ministry team was made up of about 40 Christians from Tricotte and Port au Prince and also a few very new Christians from Bethel. This group camped in Remoussin for the entire week. Although the crusade was most visible in the evenings at meeting times of worship, preaching, singing and sharing, it also went on throughout the day. The team spent each morning praying together and in the afternoons they went out talking with people one on one. One afternoon a group of the team that had been out in the village came back singing, dancing and rejoicing. The entire team came together to hear what God had done. Five more had responded to the gospel. These five had voodoo connections so the team then burned all of the stuff they had used in their voodoo religion.

On the way back to Port-au-Prince I asked Pastor Diogene and Lionette what was next in Remoussin. Lionette’s quick response was “we need to go back soon. We have a lot of babies there who need to be fed.” So they are now planning a follow-up spiritual life conference to help start these “new borns” on the path of spiritual growth. We praise God for what He’s doing and for Pastor Diogene and his dedicated evangelistic team. We thank God for all of you who are such a tremendous support for this work.

Doug Jarvie and Glenn Bridges were with me in Haiti. They worked on the electrical system in Tricotte and installed enough solar panels so we no longer have to depend on a gas generator for our electrical needs. These panels are producing enough power for the orphanage, Pastor Diogene’s house, the Tricotte church, the guesthouse and 10 streetlights in the village. They also started the metal roofing on the new Tricotte church building. Glenn then instructed the Haitians how to continue the project and we expect the roof to be finished when we return in February. I really appreciate these guys and the sacrifice that they and their families make as they minister in Haiti.

Thank you so much for your contributions to the Christmas Gift List. Many needy Haitians will be the recipients of those items. You have blessed their lives! You have also blessed us as we have seen hearts of individuals, families, and also children generously helping those in need.

As we look forward to the new year, we cherish your prayers. We don’t know what the future holds, but ‘Oh how good it is to know the One who holds the future!”

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie & Sheryl Bovenkamp



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