Dear Friends,

Pastor Diogene telephoned recently after returning from Tricotte.  He reports things are going well at the new orphanage.  The kids are moved in and are so happy and thankful for their   home.  How we praise God for His special care for these dear children.  It is  our desire that this orphanage would be a testimony  of God’s love for all people and His provision for our greatest need–the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sin.

The orphanage has 6 rooms for the boys and 6 for the girls.  Each room sleeps 8 kids.  An older, responsible child has been chosen to be a ‘captain’ for each room.  The captain has several responsibilities such as seeing that the room is kept clean and neat.  Pastor Diogene says there    is quite a competition to see who’s room is the best kept!  A small payment is put in an account for each captain.

A big brother/big sister program is also under way.  Each child in the orphanage is paired up  with another child; some need help, others are eager to give it.  With so many children coming into the orphanage at once, this is a great help to everyone.

We do not have running water to the orphanage at this time.  So the older children carry water from the stream the Haitian way, on their heads.  They also bathe and wash their clothes in the stream.  However, all the people of Tricotte do the same.  The outhouse is finished and in use.    It is a six-seater.  There are even ‘half-doors’ for privacy.  Perhaps you need to have been there to appreciate that.

The kids are out of school for the summer.  Several teams will visit Tricotte this summer so the kids look forward to that.  Bernie and I are not able to go as planned in early July, but Bernie  will be there with two teams in August.  A generous gift has been given toward new shoes for  the orphanage kids.  While we were in Haiti in May, we measured each child’s foot.  In August Bernie plans to bring a new pair of  tennis shoes for each child for school in September. 

We are so thankful for sponsors for all 96 children in the orphanage.  As we become aware of needs, and as people inquire about sponsorship opportunities, we seek to know God’s will at   this time concerning further sponsorship of children in the Tricotte area.  Please pray with us, that we will know the way God is leading.  Thank you for your faithful support in all areas.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie and Sheryl Bovenkamp



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