Dear Friends,
The 2022-2023 school year is fast coming to an end in Haiti.  Due to the remote area that Starfish Ministries serves with elementary education our schools have not seen the interruptions that many schools in Haiti have experienced.  In fact, many schools in the Port-au-Prince area have been closed for a couple of years due to the extreme violence by the gangsters who are controlling many of the big cities.  But thankfully our school children are progressing in their education. 
We are very grateful for the sponsorship support that helps to keep the school ministry financed.  Although we haven’t been able to keep you informed and updated on your specific child (children), 100% of the support continues to be used to operate the schools and orphanage.  During the chaotic conditions in Haiti life is very unstable.  It is likely that many of the sponsored children are no longer in our schools.  Some have “aged” out of the program; some have moved to another part of the country; others have moved on to high school, trade schools and universities; and some have fled to nearby Dominican Republic.  Other children have taken their place as our schools continue to grow. 
When we were able to travel to Haiti several times each year, we were able to connect with individual children more easily.  However, it has now been over four years since we could safely take teams and the near future doesn’t look much different.  We appreciate your understanding of the difficulty we encounter with the sponsorship program.  On the other hand, Starfish Ministries is blessed with very capable leadership in Haiti.  God is using them to advance the ministry.  The gospel is being presented in the schools, churches, orphanage, elderly ministry, and medical clinic.  Physical and spiritual needs are being met thanks to your prayers and financial support.
A few weeks ago, a 32-year-old man from neighboring Nan-Paul was brought into the Tricotte Medical Clinic with a severe injury.  He had lost a lot of blood and was in a lot of pain.  The report was that he had “trouble with someone who attacked him with a machete”.  He was suffering and could not stop crying.  One of our doctors, Dr. Cetoute, and the nurses immediately took him into the emergency service room.  They stopped the bleeding, cleaned the deep chest wound, administered medicines, and sewed him up. 
A couple of days later this man was sent home with instructions on how to take care of his injury.  He was also given several bags of manna pack rice meal in order to feed his family while he is recovering.  He is following his treatment plan and has returned for follow-up visits to the clinic.  He is better now and able to get back to work in his garden and support his family.
The medical clinic ministry has been life saving to many in the Tricotte area who otherwise would be unable to have access to healthcare.  Thank you for your prayers and support for this vital ministry.
A few days ago I received the following report from Lucner concerning our remote village of Cadette.
Good morning to all of you Sponsors of Starfish Ministries. greetings and thanking to you guys for the supports you have given to the people of Cadette’s community; such as: In School, Church, and in health needs to the lost and to Christian people in this village. Pastor Jean Wismick and all people in Cadette area join together to thank you for providing helps which have a big signification where there hasn’t been rain for about six months. You know most of the village people in provinces depend on what they harvest in the garden.  So it is so difficult, they often even eat what they have stored like seeds for garden. Thanks to the manna Pack rice meal they have received from Starfish after being informed by Pastor Wismick of that bad situation; they could keep living and took care of their families by receiving the food.  Thank you so much guys for making it possible to reach those needy people.  The rains have now come and they still have the un-eaten seeds to plant
The community asks me to thank you for all the supports you have already given to this village and also for all the contributions you will continue to bring. God bless you all!
We really appreciate your partnership with us in meeting needs of some of the poorest of the poor in the world.  It has recently been reported that almost half of the people of Haiti are going hungry each day.  But thanks to your prayers and support, most in our ministry area are cared for. 
Serving the Lord together,
Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp



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