Dear Friends,

Thank you again for your prayers for Glenn, Terry & me as we traveled in Haiti in February.  We certainly sensed God’s presence during our time there and believe that your prayers are a significant part of that.

The well drilling was very successful for Glenn and Terry, even though this was a brand new experience for both of them.  They had briefly observed the use of this well drilling equipment but had no hands-on experience.   After a broken gear setback Glenn had to manufacture a small part himself since there are no places in Haiti to find such parts. Then the bit stuck in the hole at 85 feet which took them an hour or two to dislodge, but then they drilled on to 250 feet.  They didn’t get a lot of water but what they found was pure and drinkable.  We know that, because Terry volunteered to drink it and he didn’t get sick and said it tasted very good.  We really appreciate these guys learning the skill and giving of their time to help provide this needed water for the Haitians.  We plan to go back in April to drill a couple of more wells in the Port-au-Prince area.

One evening when Glenn & Terry returned from the drilling site, Glenn was feverish and went directly to bed.  When the Tricotte women came to bring us our dinner, they asked where Glenn was. Hearing that he was sick, they immediately said, “then we must pray for him”.  So the three of them along with a little girl went into his room and began to sing.  They quoted some Psalms and then the four of them along with Terry & I began to pray over Glenn.  As they left Terry & I sat down to eat but before we could begin here came Glenn and he looked good!  I asked him how he felt and he said that he didn’t know if he was physically healed but he was feeling strong.  Oh how we appreciate the people of Tricotte!  They don’t have a doctor there but they sure do know the Great Physician and truly trust Him in times of need.

Pastor Diogene and I visited most of our schools.  We are really pleased with the job that our school administrators, Norius and Divigno are doing.  They make the rounds to each of our 28 schools twice a month.  That includes five schools only accessible by walking. 

We just started a school in the village of Moulin this September, and Pastor Diogene and I went there in February.  We first traveled about a half hour from Tricotte, then drove along a large river, and then had to cross that river.  It had rained the night before so the river was high. We were concerned if we would be able to cross the river.  But when we approached the spot to go across, a boy of about ten years old pointed out the best spot to cross.  He then headed out before us to show us the way.  So I followed him knowing that if the water didn’t go above his waist I’d be okay.  We made it, paid the boy a few coins for his services and on we went.  Another 15 minutes brought us to Moulin.

When we arrived at the school site we were grandly welcomed by the 94 students and their teachers.  They obviously appreciate the opportunity to have a school in their village.  As I set up to take some sponsorship photos, Norius and the school headmaster selected the 25 students for sponsorship.  As they came over to have their photo taken, more and more of the village adults came around to see the spectacle of a white man taking pictures of their kids.  They told one young man to climb a coconut tree and throw down enough coconuts so each of us could have some fresh coconut milk.  It was so good and refreshing!  As we left Moulin I rejoiced again for the opportunity to reach into the lives of these children and their parents.  There is currently no church in the area and we believe that it is God’s will that He will use this school ministry to reach many in Moulin with the good news of Jesus Christ.

We do not take for granted the support that you give to this ministry.  Thank you so much!!  Your prayers and support are truly making a difference in the lives of many needy Haitians.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie & Sheryl Bovenkamp


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