We are so grateful to God for the leadership that He is raising up in Haiti! Our Haitian Director, Daniel Thelusmond; our Assistant Director and Orphanage Director, Apollos Solomon; our Spiritual Director, Pastor Esau, and so many more are influencing the Tricotte area for the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

They serve faithfully within Starfish Ministries, but their ministries extend well beyond their roles with us. Daniel sent us this email recently:

Dear Bernie,

I came to Tricotte on Monday along with Pastor Esau and Mickenson.
That night, one of the oldest people of Tricotte passed away. It
rained from Saturday to Monday mid-day. After God has taken away the
dust, that fellow believer, Irene’s grandfather, passed away. I didn’t
know that his health had deteriorated, but God ordained that I was
there for the funeral.

Yesterday morning, Pastor Esau, Garry, Mickenson and myself
literally led worship in the streets all the way to the graveyard. I
helped carry the coffin from where Garry’s mom lives until we cross
the river. The people rejoiced. The tears couldn’t continue to flow in
the faces of the family members. They found the strength to even
help carry the coffin.

That was a great testimony that the funeral of the Christian is different
from that of the non-Christian. All the villages, including Morinvil, bore
witness that we can rejoice both in life and death because Jesus is alive.
He has taken away the sting out of death. Halleluia, Jesus is alive!

I thank God for Pastor Esau. His heart is with the people of Tricotte.
Pastor Joe asked him to say the final words and the prayer before they
lowered the body into the ground. He did a fantastic job as usual. Our
presence and participation at that funeral made a bigger difference
than if we delivered a speech to the people of Tricotte. They begin to
understand that a good leader is the one who serves his flock. I pray
that God keep us humble, for we can do nothing without Him.

Praise the Lord!


It is a blessing to us to hear of the impact these men and women are having. Please pray with us that God continues to use their ministry to reach more people in more villages with the gospel of Christ.

Thank you for all of your support. You are a blessing to us, and to Daniel and the others as well. We thank God for you!

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl, and Philip Bovenkamp



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