Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers while we were in Haiti.  The well drilling team efforts were very successful.  Very seldom do we go to Haiti and accomplish all we had hoped to do, but this time our aim was to complete two wells and we did.  Glenn and Doug, along with Vince and Jason, spent at least ten hours a day working the well drilling equipment.  I spent one day watching the process and was fascinated by the procedures.  I saw them drill along fine for a time, run into a problem, put their heads together, and out came a brainstorm solution.  This is new territory for all of them and they are doing great!  Submersible pumps were installed in both the wells. Then they pumped for several hours to develop the water flow and were very pleased with the results. 

Providing clean drinking water for these people is such a blessing for them.  Our goal is to keep our drilling equipment working as often as possible throughout the year in order to provide water to many areas.  We see this aspect of our ministry as another means to the ultimate mission of reaching the lost for Christ.  As the Haitians are recipients of this vital part of life we pray that their hearts would be open to the vital message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Diogene shared with me a testimony of God at work in the villages.  A young mother had been having medical problems for several years.  The only thing she knew was to go to a witchdoctor for help.  So she tried several of them in her area. She would pay the price, expecting to find relief but it was always fixed for only a few days and then her pain returned.  Last fall she decided she wasn’t going back to a witchdoctor again.  She couldn’t afford to use the little money she had with no lasting results.  She decided that she would just endure the pain. 

In December this lady was invited by a neighbor to go to an evangelistic crusade in Bethel where Pastor Diogene and his ministry team were conducted meetings for five nights.  God spoke to her heart, she responded and put her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  A couple months later the team heard about her medical condition.  So they went back to pray for her.  And the Great Physician healed her.  Our miracle working God chose to reach down and touch her body and give her relief from the pain.  Pastor Diogene says that today she cannot keep quiet.  She shares what God has done in her life both spiritually and physically with every one she sees.

Sometimes God uses the miraculous to heal His children.  But more often He uses the means of medical professionals to be His healing hands.  With that in mind we are looking forward to providing a medical clinic in Tricotte.  After we wrote about that need in our last newsletter, many of you have responded and are encouraging us with your prayers and support.

Glenn and I are traveling back to Haiti on May 7.  One of our goals is to put together a plan and budget for the new clinic during this trip.  We are hoping to have the building under construction by the end of this year and be ready to start offering medical care in Tricotte by sometime next year.  Thank you so much for your prayers as we go.

We really appreciate each one of you.  God is using you to make a difference in the lives of needy children and adults in Haiti.  Your financial support each month for orphanage and school sponsorship, and also your help with the school feeding program is making it possible to care for over 6500 children.  God is faithful and He is using your faithfulness to accomplish His purpose in Haiti.Serving the Lord together,

Bernie & Sheryl Bovenkamp


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