Dear Friends,

There’s a great day coming!  A day of rejoicing, singing, praising God, worship and adoration to the great God we serve!  A day of humbly seeing God at work through His people.

It will be moving day.  Moving day for the 96 children in need of a home, in need of three meals a day, in need of a bed to sleep on, in need of emotional stability, in need of love and security, in need of educational opportunity, and for some–in need of meeting the Savior.

Yes, the morning of May 13 will be the dedication and moving in day of the Starfish Ministries’ orphanage in Tricotte.  Pastor Diogene is planning to make it a ribbon cutting, special event.  Bernie and Sheryl Bovenkamp and their daughter, Karla, along with Glenn and Anita Bridges and their daughter, Kristi, will join in the festivities.  Pastor Diogene will preach from the Word and a choir of sixteen men from his Port au Prince church will lead in worship and praise.

Bernie will be sharing with the children and people from Tricotte and surrounding villages the vision God has given us for the orphanage children.  We believe this is more than a home for the children.  We believe God has chosen these 96 children for His own.  As physical, emotional, and educational needs are met it is our hope to see a commitment and a loving relationship grow between each child and their Savior, Jesus Christ.  And from that love for the Lord they will someday go out into the country of Haiti to share this good news of salvation.  Perhaps for some it will mean going back to their birth village,  For some it may mean taking their work skills to places they have never known.  For some it may be full time work in evangelism or pastoring or planting a new church.  But the vision of Starfish Ministries is that they WILL go out–reaching Haiti for Jesus Christ.

For many of the children, especially the original 48 from the former orphanage, moving day will be a wonderful, joyous occasion.  At last, a place to call home!  But for others, the 48 newcomers to the orphanage, it may be a frightening day.  Many of the newcomers will be coming from neighboring villages, villages which have been their entire world,  this world comprised of few people.  Suddenly a friend, a relative, maybe a pastor, or even a single parent will take them out of their world to a place and people they do not know.  A place, they are told, where they will not go to bed hungry.  A place where they will be loved and cared for.  However, for a child, this will no doubt be a frightening experience.  We ask that you will pray for these children the week of May 13.  Pray that they will have a sense of trust and peace in this place they will call home.

We really appreciate your continued prayers and support in so many ways–God is blessing the ministry and you are part of that.

Serving our Lord together,

Bernie & Sheryl



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