Dear Friends, 

It is so good to watch God at work in Haiti!  We have seen Him raise up a team of dedicated Haitian servants to accomplish His purposes.  We have the privilege of partnering with them.  And we are so THANKFUL for you also, who partner with us through your prayers and financial support.

Norius Petit-Frere is the director of our school ministry in Haiti.  He and his wife Linda have four sons, ages one, three, five & seven.  Norius has a sensitive heart for his people who are constantly going through trying circumstances.  He travels to each of our 31 schools every week and does a great job of overseeing the administration of those schools.  He also keeps his eyes and ears open for areas where God is at work and where another school is needed. 

Several years ago Norius brought to Diogene and me the need for a school in Ravine.  He had seen the plight of the children in that village and his heart turned to how we could help.  There was no school or church there so Norius started a little school with two teachers and a few kids.  He paid these teachers himself out of his own meager salary.  When Norius told us what he had done, we stepped in, purchased land and added Ravine as our fifth school in the fall of 2002.  We now have over 250 children in Ravine receiving an education and getting a hot meal four times each week.  More importantly, most of them have received Jesus Christ as Savior.  Evangelistic crusades were held there and a church was started in 2004.  Starfish Ministries supported the headmaster, Jerome,  through Bible School.  He is now the pastor of the Ravine church as well.  But that’s not all!  Pastor Jerome has also reached out into two additional unreached areas and has started schools and churches in those areas.  We THANK God for Norius and Jerome and their hearts for the people of Haiti.

And now Norius has done it again!  I talked to Pastor Diogene yesterday and he told of Norius hearing of another unreached village named Moneayard.  Again he has hired two teachers and has started a little school with 50 students.  And as if that’s not enough, now Norius goes to Moneayard each Sunday and leads a Bible study.  He found two Christians in the village and has already seen several more trust the Savior.  Well –Starfish Ministries’ School Number 32 has been birthed.  Norius is open to where God is at work and he obediently steps out in faith and trusts God to meet the needs in that workplace.  We are very THANKFUL for Norius and how God is using him in Haiti.  Please pray for Norius, Jerome, and our other school leaders. 

We have seen a tremendous response to the Christmas giving list the last few years.  So we are making it available again this year and have copied it on the back of this letter.  THANK  you so much for your support!

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie & Sheryl Bovenkamp



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