Dear Friends,
Several months ago, Director Daniel talked with me about what he and our pastors were seeing at our Sunday morning services.  Due to drought last spring and continuing into the summer, many of the people did not have much to eat and often came to the services hungry.  They would then leave the gathering immediately after the worship service ended and go home and try to find something to eat.
Much like the children in our schools, when they are hungry, they don’t learn, and the members in church services, when hungry, struggle to learn much from the teaching.  Over 20 years ago, we began feeding a hot meal every day in schools and that has made a tremendous difference in the educational success of students. 
Now Daniel was asking if we would be able to do something to alleviate this situation in our churches among adults and children alike.  And that was the beginning of our Church Coffee Ministry.  Daniel proposed a workable budget, and in May of this year we were able to begin providing coffee and a small snack each Sunday morning.  Daniel recently provided the following report concerning this ministry, which they call the cafeteria.
A. Testimony from leaders
Leaders said the idea of ​​putting the cafeteria in the Assemblies is a good thing. Before this program, people used to leave right after a service to try and get home in search of food. This program strengthens fellowship among believers because they can spend more time after the Sunday morning services and share information that facilitates their ministry.
B. Testimony from believers
Believers report that they are very satisfied with this initiative. Some of them said they often come to church without eating anything. Now they know they will have some refreshments. This also helps them get to church on time. They pray this program would continue.
C. Thanksgiving
Leaders and believers alike thank Starfish Ministries and the supporters for funding this program in a very difficult time and ask God to bless them even more.
Reporter: Evangelist Maréus Hérode
Each of our eight church assemblies has four or five men and women volunteers who take charge of this ministry.  They proudly wear aprons that they have made specifically for this preparation and serving time.  From time to time Daniel has joined the preparation team, donned an apron and serves alongside the others.
Although the normal weekly offering is coffee and bread with local preserves, they do mix it up.  In fact, last week instead of coffee they served hot chocolate.  They have also made juice from local available fruits and even one Sunday morning served Pumpkin Soup, a meal the Haitians really appreciated.  And Daniel said that soon they will have a spaghetti feed at the end of one of the services.
This would not be possible without your faithful financial support.  THANK YOU for partnering with us to be able to provide this new ministry!
Many of you know Lizette.  She has very effectively directed our orphanage ministry for over twelve years. At 46 years of age, Lizette married a man from her home village late last year.  And now at 47 years old, Lizette is pregnant and expecting her child later this year.  Lizette is so excited.  She wasn’t expecting this miracle at this time of her life.  Lizette asks for prayer for her and the baby.  So please pray!  Due to the current security problems in Haiti, it is not practical to send gifts for Lizette and the child.  However if you desire we can get money to Lizette so she can purchase what she needs in Haiti.
We really appreciate your prayers for Daniel and our leadership team in Haiti.  God is using them to truly lead in such a critical time in Haiti as they meet physical needs among the poorest and share the gospel.
Serving the Lord together,
Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp



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