Several families in our church lost everything they had and did not know what to do.  But through the Starfish Ministries food distribution program, they have survived.  Our food distribution program has a great reputation among the Haitian people, and I want to thank everyone who contributed for their help to make this possible.

The food distribution has helped approximately 10,000 people in Haiti.  Half of them are in the area around our church and the others are in other parts of Port-au-Prince and Haiti.  We still feed them and will continue for another month.

One of my pastor friends said, “You can not imagine the impact on my church people.  Even though many organizations are distributing food in Haiti, Starfish is treating people with respect.  I want to thank those donors for their help.”

And we want to add our thanks to that of Pastor Diogene and his pastor friend.  Thank you for all for your generous support.


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