Dear Friends,

A couple of weeks ago Daniel decided it was time for him to go visit the ministry work that has begun in the village of Cadette.  He reports that it was a very tough, mountainous walk on a goat path for almost two hours from the end of the road in Belair.  Daniel went on a Thursday afternoon along with one of our pastors who leads a Bible Study there each week.  Daniel said he now has a new appreciation for our staff who make that hike two or three times a week.  But they are committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost in Cadette, Pendu and Charbe and willingly sacrifice to help the new believers grow in their faith.

That afternoon as Pastor Wismick Jean led a Bible study in the Cadette, Daniel and a couple of his companions walked through the village to survey the needs.  While on his way back to the Bible Study Daniel stopped and started talking to a young, high school aged girl named Carline.  He is always interested in where they are in their education, their goals in life, and how they are progressing toward them. 

Daniel asked Carline about her family and learned that she is one of 12 children.  Her father is very poor and can’t help with her education.  Carline was progressing in high school, but how?  She began to cry as she embarrassingly shared with Daniel how she was able to afford her tuition.  “I will be honest with you,” she said.  “I have a guy friend who is willing to help me with food and tuition if I serve his desires.”  Carline said she knows this is wrong but doesn’t think she has any other options and wants to get an education and better herself and help her family get out of their poverty.

We are now working with Daniel to help Carline with her basic needs so that she can continue her education without compromising herself.  Please pray for her – we trust that God will use this divine appointment of Daniel and Carline for His glory!

Daniel continued on to the Bible Study, and it was just finished as he arrived.  There he met Carline’s father, so they were able to discuss Carline’s situation.  But as they are talking Daniel noticed a little five- or six-year-old boy staying close to his father.  And Daniel saw a large protrusion from the little boy’s groin area.  Daniel inquired, and the father showed Daniel a baseball-sized growth in the boy’s genital area. 

The father explained that the growth had been there most of the boy’s life and was continuing to grow.  He had taken him to a clinic some time ago but found that surgery was needed, and he didn’t have the money to follow through with that.  That surgery would cost approximately 2000 Haitian dollars which converts to about $100 U.S.

The next morning Daniel had Norius, our “ambulance” driver take the boy to a hospital in Basin Blue, about an hour from Tricotte.  He saw a surgeon and they scheduled surgery for him the following Monday. 

Daniel never knows what each day will bring.  Last month it was the handicapped lady, Denise Rochelle, coming to his office who we’ve been able to help with food and housing.  Now it’s Carline and her little brother.  And they keep coming and Daniel and his team keep serving.  We appreciate Daniel and his heart for the very neediest in our ministry area.  What great opportunities this gives for sharing Jesus as the Great Physician, Provider, Redeemer, and Friend!! 

But without the prayer and financial support, Daniel’s part would be very difficult.  He has often said to me, “I sure wouldn’t want your job of finding the money to support the work in Haiti.”  And I can respond with confidence, “Faithful is He who has called us, and He also will bring it to pass” (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

God has faithfully supplied everything needed to accomplish His work here and in Haiti.  Many of you have sent extra this month to help with Denise’s house and housing in Cadette, Pendu and Charbe.  Thank you so much – God is using you to help meet needs and ultimately to make a difference in precious lives!!

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp 



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