I received a call from Doug this morning.  He is doing well and really appreciates your prayers.  He made another trip to a food warehouse in PAP this morning and was able to purchase the last food they had.  Their warehouse is now empty with no refilling in sight.  Lionette and helpers are on there way back from Tricotte and have with them more of our Feed My Starving Children food packs and other food that she was able to purchase in the Tricotte area.  This will help to do another food distribution in Pastor Diogene’s church area.

We also received a report that Lionette has decided to move the 17 handicap children from Mephibosheth Special Needs Orphanage up to Tricotte.  The Mephibosheth staff will accompany them and care for them in Tricotte.  It will be good for them to get to the rural area and into a stable environment.  And this will free up room at the Mephibosheth for the many homeless from Pastor Diogene’s church in PAP.  They need a secure place to live until other housing can be arranged.

The greatest need right now is food for many hungry people.  The large relief organizations are distributing more food every day and are hopeful of doing even more in the days to come.

Our focus will continue to be to do whatever we can with whatever resources we have in order to help as many as we can.  Please pray for us as we have to make difficult decisions concerning the food distribution.  We recognize the need to stay close to God so that we can be sensitive to where He is working and be guided to where He desires for us to respond.

We really appreciate your partnership with us as you pray and support financially.  God is using you to encourage us with your words and deeds.



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