Hurricane Tomas has been looming with a possibility of hitting Haiti for the past several days.  Today Bernie heard from some of our friends in Port-au-Prince that the wind and rain was picking up.  But mercifully the hurricane passed to the west.  However, the extra rain that’s been falling — even on the edge of a hurricane — still presents significant danger, especially to those still living in tents and other temporary shelters after the earthquake.  But at least they were spared a direct hit.

Bernie, along with Doug Jarvie and Vincent Buys, will be arriving in Haiti on Monday and traveling to Tricotte on Tuesday.  Doug and Vincent will drill a well while Bernie catches up on administrative work.  Flooding is a concern, particularly for the drive to Tricotte.  So please pray for safety and that they will be able to reach Tricotte and do the work they are planning to do.  And of course, pray for the Haitians who would be affected by flooding, both from the initial danger as well as from the potential longer-term effects such as disease or crop loss.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp



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