We heard from Bernie this afternoon.  The well-drilling in Marose is really going well.  Thank you for your prayers!

In the short time they’ve been drilling (really just a day and a half), they have drilled 75 feet.  And they have hit water!  Both realities — the distance they’ve drilled and hitting water so soon — are reason to praise the Lord.  They currently have about ten feet of water in the well.  Glenn wants to keep drilling until they have 20 feet of water, and at the rate they’ve been going, we anticipate that should happen sometime Monday morning.

They haven’t had a chance to test the water — that will happen Monday morning, too — so pray that the water would be clean and drinkable.

While the rest of the group has been drilling the well, Bernie has been in Tricotte, ministering there, and he preached in the Tricotte Church this morning.  He preached on the passage in Luke 18 where the rich young ruler asks Christ how he might inherit eternal life.  After discussing the things the young man had done, Jesus tells him, “One thing you still lack” (verse 22).  Bernie used this passage raise the question of his own life and in that of the congregation: what do we lack?  And are we willing to submit to the Lord’s will in this area of our lives as well?

Pastor Diogene and his evangelistic team have been conducting a crusade in the village of Ravine this week, and tonight is the final night.  Bernie will travel to Ravine with Pastor Diogene to witness what we hope will be tremendous harvest of souls for the kingdom.  Pray that many will come to the Lord in Ravine tonight!

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp

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