Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.  We haven’t been able to repond individually but we really do appreciate all your willingness to help to meet needs in Haiti.

I did get another report this morning from Pastor Al from the Church of the Open Door in Minnesota.  His team that is with Pastor Diogene and Lionette has been able to get out short text messages from time to time.  This mornings message was not good news.  It read, “New church and entire area flat — many missing.”   Pastor Diogene and his Port au Prince church have been building a new church building for the past two years.  Some of you have had a part in donating to that effort.  They were nearing completion — it would seat about 1500 people.  The old church (which is part of the flattened area) held about 250 people if they were packed in really tight.  Many of you had been part of great worship services in that building. 

Our partner, Doug Jarvie, from Starfish Ministries Canada is on his way to Haiti.  He is being bumped around so we would appreciate your prayers so that he can get there in the next couple of days.  He will have a Satellite Phone with him in order to communicate back with us.  Doug will be meeting with Pastor Diogene and assessing the situation and be determining how Starfish Ministries will be proceeding with relief.

We have not had any specific reports from our ministry area in Tricotte and the surrounding villages where our schools are.  However they are about 80 miles away from Port au Prince and the general information is that area has not been damaged.  We are praising God for that!

Please continue to pray for the tremendous needs — also for wisdom as we make decisions — our desire is to follow God’s leading and be sensitive to His direction. 

We sure appreciate your partnership with us,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip



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