Paul Martian and John Choukalas cut out pieces for benches (above); Mechelle Ambugey takes an orphanage boy's blood pressure (below).

We arrived in Haiti on Sunday with a team of eight from Grace Community Church in Auburn, Washington.  After attending the evening service at Pastor Diogene’s Port-au-Prince church, we spend the night at Mephibosheth Children’s Home, an orphanage for handicapped children.  On Monday, we made the six-hour drive to Tricotte and joined the orphanage children for their evening devotions.

Tuesday, our first full day in Tricotte, we got busy.  The men — John Choukalas, John Howard, and Paul Martian — started on the roof of the girls’ dormatory.  We will be installing a coating over the metal roofing this week, and the first step was to clean the roof.  So the men spent the morning hauling water up a ladder and scrubbing the roof with brooms.

In the afternoon, the men retreated to the relative cool (and it’s very relative) of the shop where they worked building benches that will be used for the Tricotte Church.

The women, meanwhile, conducted a clinic at the orphanage where they gave each of the children a simple physical.  Nurses, Mechelle Ambugey and Aimee Thomas checked vital signs and tended to any obvious issues while Ceil Choukalas, Lianne Arakaki, and Julie Williams checked height and weight and gathered other information.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp

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