February 2002 Newsletter

Dear friends,

 As we arrived at the orphanage in Tricotte on Friday, January 11, we were introduced to our 3 new girls, two year old Christla, five year old March-Darline, and ten year old Morana.  These sisters were discovered about a month ago, homeless, living under a small lean-to shelter in a slum area of Port au Prince.  They were hungry and malnourished.  Their mother had deserted them and their father was unable to care for them.  What a blessing it is now to see them accepted by their new brothers and sisters in the orphanage.  We have not had a child as young as Chrisla before, but she is a “hit”.  The older girls all want to care for her, passing her from one to another.  God has chosen these three girls to be part of the orphanage ministry.  He has a special purpose for each of these precious lives.  Our responsibility is to raise them up physically, educationally, emotionally and spiritually and in so doing allowing God to impact their lives for His kingdom. Continue Reading →