April 2002 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

A few months ago, our evangelist, Omer, was visiting in the village of Ravine.  He had spent some time at the Ravine school and then went throughout the village to meet parents and share Jesus with them.  As he approached a run-down mud hut, he heard a child crying.  He looked in the one room hut and saw a boy between two and three years old.  The boy was alone so Omer stayed and cared for him until the mother came home.  She had been to the market, trying to sell some produce in order to earn a meager living for herself and her son.  She did not have a husband and was struggling to care for the little boy.

Omer was touched by the need of this little family and started to visit them regularly.  Norius, the director of our school ministry, has accompanied Omer several times and together they are sharing physical and spiritual food with this young mother.  Omer has worked closely with the little boy and has recently reported that the boy has learned to walk. Continue Reading →