March 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Thank you again for your prayers for Glenn, Terry & me as we traveled in Haiti in February.  We certainly sensed God’s presence during our time there and believe that your prayers are a significant part of that.

The well drilling was very successful for Glenn and Terry, even though this was a brand new experience for both of them.  They had briefly observed the use of this well drilling equipment but had no hands-on experience.   After a broken gear setback Glenn had to manufacture a small part himself since there are no places in Haiti to find such parts. Then the bit stuck in the hole at 85 feet which took them an hour or two to dislodge, but then they drilled on to 250 feet.  They didn’t get a lot of water but what they found was pure and drinkable.  We know that, because Terry volunteered to drink it and he didn’t get sick and said it tasted very good.  We really appreciate these guys learning the skill and giving of their time to help provide this needed water for the Haitians.  We plan to go back in April to drill a couple of more wells in the Port-au-Prince area. Continue Reading →