November 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Renaud is a young man who grew up in the village of Tricotte. It had been his dream to become a dentist. A number of years ago a couple of our mission trip members met him, heard his story and agreed to support him in his endeavor.  Two years ago Renaud graduated with his degree in Dentistry.  One of his first desires was to be able to “give back” for the help he had received.  So this past September Renaud went back to Tricotte to check the teeth of all of our orphanage children.  His only charge was for the medicines he used.  He set up his portable dentistry office in a small room and called the children in one by one. He talked to them about dental hygiene as he took care of their needs.  One of our older girls in the orphanage, Lucienne, who wants to become a nurse, assisted Renaud and got on the job training.

One day I observed Renaud at work.  I saw that he was not only concerned about his patient’s dental needs but also their spiritual needs.  I asked him about this and his immediate response was “My first responsibility as a follower of Jesus is to share Him with my patients.  God has given me the opportunity to have the profession of dentistry and I will use that as a means to share His love with each one who comes.”  Continue Reading →