Drilling in Drigeon

With the well complete in Marose, Glenn, Vince, and the others have moved the well-drilling equipment to Drigeon, where they’ve made steady progress.  The first 100 feet came quickly.  Then they ran into heavy clay, which is difficult to drill through.  But they are pressing forward, hoping to complete this well, too.

Drigeon is a village where the Port-au-Prince and Tricotte Churches cooperated in an evangelistic crusade in 1997.  Then, in 1998, the first year of Starfish Ministries, we built a building for the newly planted Church.  In 2001, Starfish Ministries began administration of a school there, and the following year added the feeding program (when the feeding program was added to all of the schools).  The Church and the school in Drigeon have continued to thrive, and it’s exciting to anticipate bringing clean drinking water to the village now, too.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp

The Work Continues

We heard from Bernie this afternoon.  The well-drilling in Marose is really going well.  Thank you for your prayers!

In the short time they’ve been drilling (really just a day and a half), they have drilled 75 feet.  And they have hit water!  Both realities — the distance they’ve drilled and hitting water so soon — are reason to praise the Lord.  They currently have about ten feet of water in the well.  Glenn wants to keep drilling until they have 20 feet of water, and at the rate they’ve been going, we anticipate that should happen sometime Monday morning. Continue Reading →

Well-Drilling Begins in Marose

Bernie, along with Glenn Bridges, Vince Buys, and Brent Ahrens arrived safely in Haiti earlier this week.  They spent one night in Port-au-Prince before driving to Tricotte, with stops in Cabaret and Bethel along the way.

On Friday, Glenn, Vince, and Brent, and two Hatians, Michelin and Wilson, took the well-drilling equipment and drove to Marose, about an hour and a half from Tricotte.  Marose is the home of the New Generation Ministries Orphanage, and Starfish Ministries is drilling a well there for them.  After arriving and setting up the equipment, they still had an hour or so of the day remaining to begin drilling the well.  And in that hour, they drilled four feet!  That may not sound like a lot, but four feet an hour is very encouraging. Continue Reading →