June 2010 Newsletter

Believers listen to God's Word under a roof of blue tarps in the street in front of the rubble of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Port-au-Prince

Dear Friends,

I was sitting up in front of Pastor Diogene’s Port-au-Prince church last Sunday, May 23.  As I looked out over the crowd, I recognized very few of the people there.  The last time I had been to Haiti was before the earthquake, and then I had known many of the members of this body.  Since the earthquake many of those had gone back to their home villages, but they had been replaced by new faces.  Before Diogene introduced me to get up and preach, he asked the congregation how many of them recognized me.  Very few raised their hands.  The benches were full, several people had brought their own chairs, and well over 600 new believers were gathered to hear God’s Word. 

They were gathered out on the street in front of what used to be the Ebenezer Baptist Church building.  That building is now just a pile of rubble – but the church, God’s chosen people, the followers of Jesus Christ, were alive and with open hearts anxious to hear what God’s Word would teach them that day.

The church service was scheduled to start at 7:30 AM.  We arrived then but found only a handful of people there.  A few were working to get electricity to the sound system – I heard some pops and saw some flashes as wires shorted out.  The sound system would remain silent until they completed their task, and the neighborhood people wouldn’t know it was time for church until music flooded the area. Continue Reading →