May 2013 Newsletter

Doug Jarvie is the president of Starfish Ministries Canada, a group Canadian believers who join us in our ministry to Haiti.  Doug and his wife Ruth have heavily involved in Haiti, with Doug taking a lead role in our well-drilling ministry and in other physical projects.  Doug is also active in Canada, coordinating our efforts there.

In a recent newsletter of Starfish Ministries Canada, Doug wrote about the Fraser Valley Gleaners and the contributions they have made to our feeding ministry.  I wanted to share that with the rest of you: Continue Reading →

August 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We thank God for you and your partnership with us as we minister in Haiti!  Last month we shared about a new summer ministry program we were starting.  Many of you have responded by generously giving extra this past month.  Thank you so much!  Part of the reason to do the summer ministry came from the need to feed kids in our poorest villages.  Our school ministry directors reported to us that many of the school kids went hungry at times during the summer.  So we started a summer camp ministry to include a hot meal in two of our neediest school villages, Morne Chaise and Ti-David.

This morning I talked to our Haitian director, Daniel, and he gave a very positive report about this ministry.  In Morne Chaise they have averaged about 125 children per day.  Most of these are kids from our school but they have also been inviting village kids who have not been in school.  As of yesterday, 14 children in Morne Chaise have responded to the invitation to follow Jesus.  How exciting is that?  We praise God for what He is doing in these precious lives! Continue Reading →

July 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I’m sitting in the Miami Airport on my return home.  A team from Central Washington University Chi Alpha Ministries spent the past two weeks in Tricotte, Haiti.  David Morley from Blaine, Washington, joined us and helped me with the team leadership responsibilities.  The team spent every afternoon at the Starfish Ministries Orphanage teaching English to the orphans.  It is so exciting to see these kids eager to learn and then practice with me as I interact with them.

The team also did some painting at the orphanage, presented the gospel through song, testimony and drama in some of our schools and churches and played soccer and other games with the Tricotte village kids.  And that’s where they met Wilson.  Wilson seemed to be around wherever the team was.  When they hiked to our school in Biscaille to share with the students, Wilson was right by their side, hiking along and helping at the more difficult places on the trail.  Then when they arrived in Biscaille, Wilson climbed up a coconut tree and threw down enough coconuts for the entire team to enjoy fresh coconut milk. Continue Reading →

Our Visit to Morne Chaise

Bernie and Diogene in front of the Starfish Ministries School in Morne Chaise

After spending the first few days of our trip at the Pastors’ Conference in Gonave Bay, Bernie, Dave, and I arrived at Tricotte Wednesday afternoon.  As always it was a joy to be reunited with the orphanage children and many other dear friends in the village.

This morning (Thursday) we traveled to the village of Morne Chaise.  Morne Chaise became the home of the 33rd Starfish Ministries School in the fall of 2009.  There are 53 children enrolled at the school, which is still held in a small post-and-palm-frond building.  Our goal is to build a more suitable and permanent structure eventually.

Dave Morley along with seven of the Morne Chaise students, in front of the home one of these boys along with nine other members of his family.

Even though school is not in session, we were able to interact with several of the students and visit a couple of their homes.  They live in stick-and-mud huts that often shared by extended families, but they are grateful for all that God provides, including the education and feeding program that is made possible through your support.

You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp

February 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

When God called us to this ministry over nine years ago, Sheryl & I thought we were being called to take care of a few orphans and to make a difference in their lives and that’s all.  Although the orphanage is still a very important part of what we are involved with, God has expanded that ministry to include the very vital ministry of the education of many children in the remote villages of Haiti.

It was in June of 2000 when we were aware that 4 villages near Tricotte, the village of our orphanage, would be losing their schools due to suspended support.   We were asked about taking over the school ministry in those villages, but we said NO.  We believed that God had called us to take care of these orphan children and that was enough.  However, we agreed to pray about it and as we did we felt God wanted us to take this step of faith.  God later confirmed this to us after we took over these 4 small Christian schools. Continue Reading →

July 2006 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It is so good to see how God responds to the many needs in Haiti.  Sometimes I am a little apprehensive about how everything is going to get done.  The last day of May was one of those times.  Each month during the years of feeding the children in our school ministry we have seen God provide the necessary funds to pay for that food.  It’s a monthly budget of almost $15,000 and much of that is received through general giving.  But on the last day of May we were short for our June feeding by over $6000. Pastor Diogene had earlier told me we would be feeding the entire month.  I called him again on May 30th .  He said “Oh no, many of the final days of school will be short for testing, so we will be feeding only about 60% of the month.”  God again had supplied just the right amount for what He knew would be the need.  Again my apprehension was unfounded.  You’d think I’d learn.   God is always faithful – He never falls short! Continue Reading →

December 2005 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I made it! The hike to Corail was accomplished without the use of a motorcycle. On November 10, we left Tricotte at 8:00 AM. We drove about 25 minutes to the village of Canifice. There we parked the vehicle and began the hike. The night before I had decided that I wanted to attempt the hike but was somewhat concerned whether my body could handle it. As I prayed that night, I acknowledged to God my weakness and looked to Him for His unlimited strength. The next morning I sensed that strength and experienced it as we hiked up that mountain trail. The hike followed a small river which we had to cross 14 times before we arrived at our destination one and one half hours later. Continue Reading →

November 2004 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Conditions continue to be unsettled in Haiti. While many are trying to work through the results of the tropical storm, the political climate is causing even more distress. Glenn Bridges and I spent four days in Port-au-Prince in October but could not continue on to Tricotte due to the flooding and insecure conditions around Gonaives. So we had to come home. The team trip scheduled to go to Haiti in November has been postponed due to security issues.

When we wrote last month we had not heard from the Tricotte area for several weeks. However, Pastor Diogene has now been there and reports to us that conditions at the orphanage and the surrounding ministry area are good. Through God’s continued miraculous provision and His perfect timing, they have had food throughout the entire time when the roads were impassable and no supplies were moving into that area. It’s so exciting to see God’s hand at work in providing for our children’s needs. Continue Reading →