Bernie and Diogene in front of the Starfish Ministries School in Morne Chaise

After spending the first few days of our trip at the Pastors’ Conference in Gonave Bay, Bernie, Dave, and I arrived at Tricotte Wednesday afternoon.  As always it was a joy to be reunited with the orphanage children and many other dear friends in the village.

This morning (Thursday) we traveled to the village of Morne Chaise.  Morne Chaise became the home of the 33rd Starfish Ministries School in the fall of 2009.  There are 53 children enrolled at the school, which is still held in a small post-and-palm-frond building.  Our goal is to build a more suitable and permanent structure eventually.

Dave Morley along with seven of the Morne Chaise students, in front of the home one of these boys along with nine other members of his family.

Even though school is not in session, we were able to interact with several of the students and visit a couple of their homes.  They live in stick-and-mud huts that often shared by extended families, but they are grateful for all that God provides, including the education and feeding program that is made possible through your support.

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Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp

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