September 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers!  Bernie, David Morley, and I arrived safely and without any complications in Haiti on Monday morning.  And after a couple of brief stops in Port-au-Prince, drove two hours north to Gonave Bay for the Pastors’ Conference that Starfish Ministries sponsors each year.

As I shared last month, this year’s topic is “Developing Effective Leaders” within the church.  I’ve taught two sessions so far, and I’m encouraged by the response as I’ve interacted with many of the pastors, listening to accounts of their victories and challenges in this area and seeking to answer their questions based on the truth of Scripture.

Now, on Tuesday afternoon, the pastors are enjoying some personal time relaxing and reflecting, Dad and David have gone to Bethel to meet with two young Haitian men who are doing some work for Starfish, and I have stayed back to write this letter to you.

I was struck this morning by something Pastor Diogene shared. Continue Reading →

Our Schedule While in Haiti — Please Pray

Dear Friends,

Philip, Dave Morley and I will be traveling to Haiti late Sunday night, August 29. We really would really appreciate your prayers as we travel and minister there for two weeks. Below is our trip schedule so that you can pray for us each day.

  • August 30 – Pastors conference begins at noon – approximately 80 Haitian pastors – Philip teaching
  • August 31 – Pastors conference continues – Philip teaching
  • September 1 – Complete Pastors conference at noon and travel to Tricotte.
  • September 2 – 4 – Ministering in Tricotte in orphanage and in surrounding villages – Philip and Dave building benches for the Tricotte church. I’ll be working with Diogene and Norius on the upcoming school year – planning and budgeting
  • September 5 – Philip will be preaching in the Tricotte church – message from the “Letter to the Laodician Church” in Revelations 3
  • September 6 – 7 – Leadership conference – approximately 200 leaders from the Tricotte area churches will assemble in Tricotte for this two day conference – Philip teaching
  • September 6 – 8 – Dave will continue on projects. We will also be sorting through and distributing clothes, school supplies, shoes, etc. from the recently arrived container.
  • September 9 – Travel back to Port au Prince
  • September 10 – Visit the “new home” sites – We have started building homes for some who lost them in the earthquake.
  • September 11 – Return home

Thank you for your prayers and partnering with us in this way. Please remember Glenn Bridges also. He was planning to travel with us on this trip but is not able to due to sickness.

Serving our Lord together,


August 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

On August 30 through September 1 this year, nearly 100 pastors from around Haiti will gather in Gonave Bay for the annual Pastors’ Conference sponsored by Starfish Ministries.  It will be a time of renewal as we fellowship with each other, sharing the joys and sorrows of the previous year of ministry and joining together to worship our Lord.  I am also looking forward to challenging and encouraging these men from God’s Word as I hope to provide biblical instruction that will equip them for ministry as they return home.

Some of these pastors studied at the seminary in Port-au-Prince.  Others have virtually no formal education.  But for most of them, this conference is the only ongoing training they receive all year.  So I take this opportunity very seriously, asking God to use this teaching for His glory in the lives of these pastors and their congregations. Continue Reading →

September 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It’s Sunday afternoon in Haiti and I just dropped off at the airport a NCCTK church team to return home.  We’ve had a full week including ministering to pastors, visiting some of our Starfish Ministries’ schools and churches, conducting a two day lay leadership conference in Tricotte, and doing projects at our newly remodeled orphanage in Tricotte.

 This morning we worshipped with our brothers and sisters in Pastor Diogene’s Port au Prince church.  We enjoyed great music, a challenge from God’s Word, and I especially loved seeing many of my Haitian friends.  It was a great week!

But as good as this week was, it was seeing Baurace and spending just a little time with him after church this morning that really got me excited and praising God.  Baurace came to our orphanage as a young boy over 10 years ago.  He comes from Jean Rabel, an extremely poor area in the far northwestern part of Haiti, so poor an area that many parents cannot feed their children.  Baurace trusted the Lord Jesus Christ soon after he arrived at the orphanage and continued to grow in his walk with his Savior.  He soon became a spiritual leader among our orphaned children.  Continue Reading →

September 2008 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Dad (Bernie) and I (this is Bernie and Sheryl’s son, Philip) are in Port-au-Prince tonight. Tomorrow we’ll connect with Glenn Bridges and Art Berry, who along with Pastor Diogene will travel with us to Tricotte. There we’ll spend the next two weeks drilling a well at the school in Camass, tackling maintenance and improvement projects at the orphanage, working with our school administrators as the new school year begins, and attending to our feeding and relief ministries. We’ll visit a few of the churches we’ve helped Pastor Diogene plant and assist him as he prepares for upcoming evangelistic crusades.

Those are significant areas of Starfish’s ministry, and they are things that we’ve shared about often. There’s another area, though, that hasn’t gotten as much mention. At Starfish, we’re committed to equipping and encouraging pastors in Haiti, and to that end we sponsor an annual Pastors’ Conference. Continue Reading →

September 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Haiti waiting for a pastors’ conference to begin.  Over 80 Haitian pastors have arrived and are eager to be fed from God’s Word and fellowship with one another.  It is a welcome retreat from their normal duties.  These pastors seldom have the opportunity to learn from others.  We trust that they will leave here refreshed and ready to serve the churches God has called them to serve.

Pastor Diogene excitedly shared with me about a recent evangelistic crusade.  This past December he and his team had a very successful initial crusade in the village of Remoussen.  A church was planted in this village where we had started a school just two years ago.  So in July they did a six day follow up crusade.  During this time they gave opportunity for those who had trusted in the Savior in December to come forward and share their testimonies. Continue Reading →

October 2006 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We have reached a new chapter in our orphanage ministry.  Our three oldest orphans, Shella, Mylande, and Robenson, have successfully completed high school and are ready for the university!  All three have finished strong and are excited about their next challenge.  For several years these three have indicated an interest in a medical career and now are in the process of making application to two universities in Port-au-Prince.  We look forward to the day when they will have their university education completed and will use the opportunity God has given  them to bring Him glory wherever He leads. Continue Reading →