Dear Friends,

It has been several years since we started looking toward building a medical clinic in the village of Tricotte.  We have purchased land and are presently in the plan drawing stage.    After Glenn did some preliminary drafting, we asked Dr Dave, who accompanied us along with his daughter, Tami, to Haiti last year for his input.  He offered some good suggestions and we appreciate his insight.  So the plans are progressing well.  We have put the preliminary plan on the back of this page for you to see.  Keep praying!

I also received an email last week from another missionary organization involved in Haiti who had a question for me.  I was interested in their work in Haiti and did some research about their ministry on the internet.  I found that they have built several medical clinics in Haiti, the first one being in St Marc, which I travel through each time I go to Tricotte.  In answering his question I asked permission to tour their clinic while I am in Haiti later this month.  He responded very positively.  So I hope to do that soon.

Recently the medical clinic in Gros Moines closed due to lack of funds.  This means the nearest medical care to Tricotte is now either in Gonieves or Port-au-Paix.  In both cases it is approximately two hours away by vehicle.  However, very few of the people in that area have the means to travel by vehicle so most of them just don’t get medical help.

We believe it is God’s call to start this medical clinic.   Meeting these physical needs will surely open the door for us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the people from that entire area.  Besides staffing the clinic with medical personnel our intention is to also have a fulltime Haitian chaplain whose purpose will be to reach out with spiritual help to the patients and their families.  As Jesus walked on this earth He always offered spiritual healing, along with physical healing, to the sick and crippled who came to Him.  We desire that the Haitian people will find Jesus Christ as their Savior through this ministry.

It’s been several months since we have reported on Smailine.  She’s the 17 year old girl in Port-au-Prince who had kidney stone problems as well as other medical issues.  We have been trying to get her a VISA in order for her to come to Florida to receive specialized medical care that isn’t available in Haiti.  The last medical prognosis remains the same.  While we wait, we trust in God’s timing for Smailine to come to Florida for the necessary surgery. We appreciate your prayers for Smailine.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie & Sheryl Bovenkamp


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