Dear Friends,

On June 7, I received a phone call from Pastor Diogene with some very sad news.  On June 5, 2007, Mikerlange Mesidor had passed away in Port-au-Prince after a short illness.  Mikerlange was just 19 years old.  She was one of the original 27 children in the orphanage when Starfish Ministries took over that ministry in January of 1998.

When Mikerlange was 6 years old her mother died.  Her father was unable to care for her and hearing of the orphanage near his home he asked if Mikerlange could live there. Pastor Diogene’s wife, Lionette, graciously took her into the orphanage.  She knew that it was not only a physical need in Mickerlange’s life but also a spiritual need.  Mickerlange’s father was heavily into voodooism.

My last time spent with Mikerlange was this past November while I was in Haiti.  Pastor Diogene asked me to meet with him and Lionette to discuss Mikerlange.  She had been showing some early signs of a rebellious spirit and was not showing proper respect to Dumont, the orphanage house parent .  We decided to meet with her first, before determining a course of action.  After spending some time together, Mikerlange became very emotional and broken concerning her attitude and said she wanted to change and apologize to Dumont and the other children for how she had treated them.  After praying together, I took her in my arms, told her how much I loved her and assured her that I would continue to pray for her every day.

That day was a turning point for Mikerlange.  Diogene and I realized at that time that the orphanage was no longer the best place for her to live.  Diogene and Lionette volunteered to have her come to live with them in Port-au-Prince and finish her schooling there.  As a result the last six months had been very positive in Mikerlange’s life.  Diogene tells me that Mikerlange had grown spiritually during this time.  Recently she told Diogene that she was now ready to be baptized and he was planning to do that soon.

When Mikerlange left the orphanage in Tricotte this past December she said she would like to spend time with her father in the Pont-Sonde area before going on to Port-au-Prince. Shortly after Mikerlange’s death her father shared with Diogene about that visit.  He said, “ As soon as Mikerlange came she began telling me that I needed Jesus in my life.  She continually spoke of her Savior.  She would not give up.  I could soon see that she had something I did not have. I could see that she was different.  When she was ready to leave I told her I wanted to have her Jesus in my life too.  I became a Christian that day and it has made a difference in my life.”

When Mikerlange became very sick in Port au Prince several of the girls she lived with walked the short distance to the hospital with her.  Pastor Diogene and his wife were gone for a few days.  As they left her in the hospital room she asked them to pray for her, then she kissed each one and said her last goodbyes.  As the girls later reflected on that time they believe Mikerlange sensed that she was going HOME ahead of them.  She would be separated for a short time from her “sisters” but knew that they would spend eternity together. As I write this letter, I’m saddened and I’ve shed some tears.  We’ll miss Mikerlange and I could well think that her life here was far too short.  But we know that God is sovereign and is in control of all things.  Mikerlange is His child and God gave her 19 years here for His purpose and then in His wisdom took her home to Heaven. 

Jesus told his disciples in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but by Me.”  Mikerlange chose that way.  She came to her heavenly Father because Jesus paid for her sins on the cross.  And she realized she was a sinner and accepted His sacrifice.  She shared that with her earthly father and as a result he too will one day be with the Father.  We praise God for Mikerlange’s life!

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie & Sheryl Bovenkamp



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