On Saturday, Bernie and Glenn, along with Exalus, who works with our schools in Haiti, visited Remoussin, a village about a mile downriver from Tricotte.  Exalus was concerned about some cracks that had been developing in the school building since the earthquake.

Glenn had been to Remoussin in February, and at that point there was no visible sign of damage.  But Exalus was right; there had been damage and there are substantial cracks now.  It appears our best option is to take down the building are rebuild.

In the village of Ravine, the school was in great shape, but the church building requires repairs, which we have now begun.  And in the village of Means, the church (which also housed the school) had become so bad they had already taken it down.  The 130 school children in Means are now meeting under a coconut leave shelter.  We need to build a new school there.

There may be other construction and repair needs as well, although these were the ones Exalus and Norius were most concerned about.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp



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