This past Monday, Daniel Thalisimo and his fiance set a marriage date for December.  On Tuesday she was at school when the earthquake hit.  Of the 108 who were in the school, 16 were rescued.  Daniel’s fiance was not among them.

Daniel told Glenn Bridges this morning that he spent the next 48 hours, along with his mother-in-law-to-be, at the site of the collapsed school building doing everything he could to find his fiance.  When exhaustion overtook and daylight was gone, they slept on the street.  Then they awoke and began searching again.

They found her purse and her ID, confirming she was there.  And Daniel has resigned himself that she is gone.  But she is gone to a better place, he says. 

Glenn asked how he was holding up.  “I must stand tall for my mother-in-law,” Daniel said.  Daniel is a godly man, committed to follow his Lord regardless of circumstance.

Here is Daniel’s perspective on the earthquake, Daniel’s own words: “This is God’s judgement on the corrupt government of Haiti,” he says.  And he points out that every government building seems to be down.

But he goes on to share that there is also an incredibly positive aspect to this disaster.  People are coming to Christ in droves.  The Church has taken to the streets of Port-au-Prince.  The gospel is being proclaimed.  And people are responding.

Praise God as He saves souls and brings glory to His name.  Pray particularly for Daniel and his fiance’s mother.  And pray for the nation of Haiti, that more people would put their faith in Jesus Christ to meet their greatest need.


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