Bernie was able to reach Garry Charles at Mephibosheth in Port-au-Prince this morning.  What an encouragement it was to speak with him (you might remember Bernie wrote about Garry, who turnd from the voodoo of his witchdoctor father and now follows Christ, in our October 2009 newsletter).

Garry was able to confirm what little information we have about Mephibosheph and Port-au-Prince.  Garry was upbeat.  He said they still have food there right now, although that is becoming a greater concern.  And he was able to give Bernie a couple of leads on how he might be able to reach Pastor Diogene this morning (Pastor Diogene was not at Mephibosheth when Bernie reached Garry).

Bernie also received a message from Doug.  It appears our information on Doug leaving Cap Haitian to travel to Port-au-Prince was premature.  Instead, Doug spent several hours at a hospital in Cap Haitian last night, along with the doctors he has been traveling with.   Many of the injured from Port-au-Prince have been evacuated to other cities for treatment, and Doug was able to witness first-hand some of the suffering caused by the earthquake.  This morning, Doug is trying to work out the details of transportation to Port-au-Prince.

Bernie is hoping to be able to speak personally with Diogene and with Doug yet this morning.

We just heard word through Glenn Bridges from his Haitian “son” Daniel Thalisimo.  I’ll follow up with that information in another post.

Serving the Lord together,




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