Thank you for your prayers and support for this ministry – we are so grateful for your partnership with us as we serve God in Haiti.  He is faithful and continues to bring to pass all that He has called for us to do!  Last month we asked you to pray for several specific things and I want to share with you how they were answered.

  1. Speedy customs clearing for a container at reasonable costs.  The container from Canada came out of customs while we were in Haiti, it was trucked to Tricotte, the costs were reasonable and the goods were not damaged.  Praise God!
  2. Three teams traveling to Haiti in November.
    1. Birthing attendant training – Eight women from NCCTK church in Lynden presented the Miracle of Birth to 12 Haitian women during a four day seminar.  We were really encouraged as these women now have the skills to help deliver babies in areas where there are not many medical services.  They were also challenged to share Jesus with the new mothers.  The result of this training will save lives of mothers and babies and will encourage many in their spiritual lives.
    2. Well drilling team – Vince and Dave Buys successfully drilled a well in Port au Prince.  Praise God for clean water to help many who may not have had access to clean water!
    3. Farming fact-finding team – Five of us were able to tour the ministry of Double Harvest just out side of Port au Prince.  This is a 200 acre farming operation which included fish farming, raising chickens and acres of vegetables.   We learned much and look forward to using that knowledge to enhance our efforts in raising more food for our orphanage and school ministries.
  3. That God would use these trips to accomplish much in the lives of team members as well as in the lives of the Haitians who were served – I was encouraged as I listened to the team members share about what God was doing in their lives.  And as I observed the women who were trained for birthing helpers – they prayed and worshipped with our trainers – God certainly used this time in their lives.

A highlight of the trip for me was meeting Occelon.  Back in June we wrote about Daniel’s experience with this man in Moinville.  Below is an excerpt from that letter.

A few weeks ago as our director, Daniel, was driving through Moinville. He was partially through a one-way only portion of the road when a particularly rough man from Moinville came from the other direction and insisted upon his right of passage.  Daniel knew Occelon by reputation.  He was known to be influential in Moinville and quite demanding in his approach. Daniel calmly backed up, politely waved and smiled while the other driver impatiently, angrily gestured toward Daniel and then drove off.

Last week it rained a lot in that area and the road was almost impassible in some parts due to the muddy conditions.  Daniel was driving through again and with his four-wheel drive pickup was able to maneuver the mud holes.  When he came upon a particularly deep, muddy spot Daniel stopped, got out to investigate and see if he could get through.  Just at that time the same angry man came up behind Daniel and got out to inspect the hole as well.  Daniel decided he could make it through while the other vehicle wasn’t four wheel drive and probably couldn’t.

Now Occelon’s pickup was being used for a taxi that day and he had several paying customers in the back wanting to go to Gros Morne.  Daniel told Occelon that he was on his way to Gros Morne so if his pickup made it through and Occelon’s couldn’t he would take his passengers to Gros Morne.  Occelon responded that he needed to make the money and would try to find another way around.  Daniel’s response, “You collect the taxi fee and I’ll take your passengers.  I’m going that way anyway.”

Occelon looked at Daniel like he just couldn’t figure out this gesture of kindness and asked, “Why would you do that for me?”  Daniel simply smiled and responded that he wanted to help anyway that he could.  And Daniel was off with Occelon’s passengers and delivered them to their destination in Gros Morne.  And Occelon was on the other side of the mud hole wondering, “Who is this guy?”

Now a few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon in November Occelon came to Tricotte to visit Daniel.  Daniel was quite surprised and excited about the opportunity to spend time with him.  For two hours they conversed and have now developed a friendship.  We have been praying for this unreached village of Moinville and for doors to open there.  Even though Occelon is not yet a Christian we see this as an opportunity.  We trust that God will continue to use Daniel’s acts of kindness and now new friendship with Occelon to open his heart to Jesus and then pave the way for a ministry in Moinville.  Please continue to pray for the lost in Moinville.

Thank you so much for your response to the Christmas Giving List.  Here’s a summary of those items for those of you who may still desire to share toward these needs (or click here for more details):

  • Chickens                                            $10.00
  • Microloans                                        $60.00
  • A home for a needy family          $3000.00
  • Bibles                                                 $10.00
  • Songbooks                                        $15.00
  • Goats                                                  $35.00
  • Feed a Child for a year                    $36.00
  • Send a Child to school                   $120.00
  • Maps, Charts & Posters                  $10.00

Again we thank God for you – God is using your prayer and financial support to accomplish much in the lives of needy Haitians.

Have a very Blessed Christmas and New Year 2015!!

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp



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