Doug’s wife Ruth had a call from him to night.  Below is her report of the conversation.  Thanks Ruth for sharing it with us.

Doug called tonight…

– Top Story:  Our Sponsor son Michelin was up on a roof working when a voice spoke to him and told him to go home.  When he packed up and started to leave, his co-workers said “Where are you going?”  He said, “I have to go home”.  He was in a tap-tap (Haitian Taxi) when the earthquake hit; the truck started to swerve all over the road, so he jumped out and ran home.  He found all of his siblings there… they had stayed home from school because they “didn’t feel like going” (something that doesn’t usually happen) – the school they would have been at had collapsed.  Michelin sent his siblings home to their village of Nan-Paul and after receiving a text from Doug came to Mephibosheth.  It was comforting to see him face to face.

Other news:

– Doug attended church with Pastor Diogene in the streets this morning
– He was able to fix the electrical and plumbing that was damaged in Mephibosheth Children’s Home where he is staying (other than that, he is feeling quite helpless!)
– He plans to travel to Tricotte tomorrow to access supplies and check on the orphanage
– He reports that the streets are empty now… people have given up looking for others… Port Au Prince is completely gone…

Thanks for your continued prayers for Doug’s saftey and health while he is in Haiti.




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