We’re back after a pleasent visit to see Jilliane Grace and her Dad & Mom of course.  What a beautiful little miracle of life!  We are so thankful to the Creator of life.  God is so good!!!  Baby and Mom and Dad are doing well.

Now back to a Haiti update. 

We have seen God at work in the details of Doug Jarvie’s trip to Haiti.  Doug is the president of Starfish Ministries Canada and is also on our Starfish Ministries Board of Directors.  He and his family were on their way to Haiti when the earthquake hit.  They made it as far as LA — realized that travel had stopped to Haiti and the family had to turn around and come home.  They arrive back in Vancouver about midnight tonight.   However after much prayer and consideration it was decided that Doug should continue on if at all possible. 

That’s where many miracles took place.  Doug is on a plane to Orlando, Florida; a plane that had no seats available but God must have bumped someone ’cause they found one for Doug.  He arrives in Florida at 6:00 AM.  Now the Port au Prince airport is receiving no commercial flights for several days.  But Doug connected with an organization that is sending five doctors to Haiti on a small private business jet.  There was a seat available and Doug has it.  One of the doctors is picking Doug up at the airport and taking him to the private runway.  They will be leaving Orlando at noon January 15 and arriving in Haiti at about 2:00 PM.  Doug will be connecting with Pastor Diogene and they will be communicating with us with Doug’s Satellite phone.

Doug’s purpose in going is to survey the situation there and be able to report back so that we can make informed decisions as we plan to provide relief for earthquake victims.  We need to know how to get the funds to Pastor Diogene that as so needed for food, water and other supplies.  Doug will also be checking in with our older orphanage children living in PAP and be helping with temporary shelters as well as planning for their more permanent housing.

Please remember Doug whenever you pray.  What he experiences during the next few days will be very difficult.  Pray that Doug will have great wisdom and sensitivity that can only come from the Father.  Please pray for his safety and his health.  We are trusting God in this decision for Doug to be in Haiti.  We believe that God will bring about much good to the glory of His Name!!

Thanks again for your partnership with us as we serve our mighty God and King.

In His service,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip



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