Thank you for your prayers for the crusade in Port au Prince.  I received a report from Pastor Diogene this morning.  He and his ministry team are praising God for His work in the lives of spiritually hungry Haitians.  Last night the crusade began.  There were almost 500 people out on the street in front of Diogene’s PAP church.  They have blocked off this section of the street making it possible for many people to gather.  And 24 people responded to the gospel message last night — praying to receive Jesus and become His follower.  Among them was a 16 year old girl who was a powerful witch-doctress.  When introduced to Jesus, this young lady fell to the ground.  Diogene said, “that was something special, to see God’s power take over in her life.”  Diogene then sent a team with the young lady to her house and they collected and burned everything she had that was connected to her voodoo past.  This young lady has been set free from the enemy’s grasp and is now a new child of God.  Thank you so much for your partnership with us as we continue to pray for a great harvest of souls as the crusade continues throughout this week.

The food distribution continues to go well.  We have been able to purchase as much food as we need in order to feed the ones God has given us to take care of right now.  Doug will be returning to Haiti later this week and will be attempting to access some of the “mountains” of food that have arrived in the country.  The large channels of distribution are struggling to get the food out.  Please pray that Doug will be able to make the right connections in order for us to receive some of this free food.

Glenn is leaving Haiti today.  He was at the airport this morning at about 8:00 and expects to get a seat on a military plane late this afternoon.  Please pray for his flight and connections back to California.  We really appreciate Glenn and all he has been able to accomplish these past two weeks.  And a huge thanks also to his wife Anita. 

As I finished my phone conversation with Diogene I asked him what we can do for him.  His very quick response, “We need a lot of prayer, that God would bring a lot of souls into His Kingdom this week.”   Thank you for keeping the Haitian ministry team in your prayers throughout this week as God uses them to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.


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