I was able to get through to Pastor Diogene this morning.  He sounded more rested and energetic — thank you for praying for him. 

As president of the UEBH (Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Haiti) Diogene had an office in a STEP Seminary building.  That building was destroyed in the earthquake.  All the UEBH offices and the STEP offices were in that building.  So Diogene has been in a lot of meetings to discuss what direction God would have them go in this area.  Please pray for wisdom for Diogene and his UEBH leadership team.

Pastor Diogene reported that none of the over 250 pastors in the UEBH had died in the earthquake.  However some of them have lost wives and several have lost children and many members of their churches.   Diogene has had much opportunity to minister to these pastors.  Our food distribution ministry is now reaching out to 15 of these pastors who have not yet received aid from the UN or World Food Program.  Each of these pastors has there own “camp” that they are reaching out to with food.  Thank you for praying for these pastors as they deal with their own grief and then also minister to so many hurting within their churches.

Yesterday Glenn visited several of our schools and churches.  He didn’t find any structual damage — however there are small cracks that will need some attention.  We are thankful that all of these buildings are still habitable and our school ministry can continue. 

Pastor Diogene and his ministry team are preparing for the evangelistic crusade that will begin next Monday.  They are cleaning up an area close to the PAP church, building a raised area to lead from and putting up some large tarps for some cover.  But most of all they are praying for God to open many hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for being part of this prayer team. 

Thanks so much for partnering with your prayers and support.


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