It’s been some time since we have shared about what’s happening in Haiti.  Sorry about that — several of you have been asking and of course telling us how much you appreciate having updates.   Here goes with a short update.

I talked to Pastor Diogene yesterday and he seems to be doing much better.  For a while he was just plain tired out.  He hadn’t stopped to catch his breath since the earthquake but now has been able to catch up a little.  I really appreciate Diogene.  He has such a heart for the needy — I received a telephone call from a Haitian woman who lives in Olympia, WA.  Her mother and two children, 10 & 12 years old, had gone through the earthquake and were now living on the street in Port au Prince but had received no help.  She had a Haiti phone number for the grandmother.  I passed it on to Diogene and he immediately made contact and sent over a food and clothing package for the family.  Please pray for Diogene and Leonette; for their health and strength.  And pray for wisdom as they make decisions each day.

Sickness is becoming more of a reality in Haiti.  One of our boys currently has malaria and typhoid.  He has been able to get medical treatment and is improving.  But with the poor santitation and lack of good water, typhoid will continue to be a big problem.  And then with the rains starting, the mosquitos will be multiplying and carrying malaria.  Please pray for the medical needs and for our team as they minister to the sick as well as the hungry.

Pastor Diogene and his team are continuing to distribute food.  Currently they are preparing 700 – 1000 food packages per week.  Each package contains about 50 lbs of rice, beans, pasta, some seasoning along with cooking oil.  Each package is given to a family and is their food provision for a week.  Diogene estimates that each food package feeds a family of six members or more for that week.

We are so thankful for the containers of donated food.  A container of dried vegetable soup and dried apples from THE FRASER VALLEY GLEANERS in Abbotsford, BC arrived in Haiti and cleared customs a couple of weeks ago.  Diogene has now added it to our food packs.  And the people really like it!  Then a container of Fortified Rice and Soy Protein Meals from FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN arrived in Haiti ten days ago and cleared customs in record time and is now being used as well.  We thank God for His provision!

Doug is going back to Haiti next week for a couple of days.  He will be working with Garry Charles and gathering more information from the families we are supporting.  We have had a tremendous response for this short term sponsorship.  We thank God for you, your prayers and all of your support!!!



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