Doug is back in Haiti for a couple of days — we sure appreciate his willingness to serve and minister.

Yesterday Doug was able to meet with Garry Charles, our family sponsorship director, and get updated on the families.  Garry is doing a great job.  He has distributed the funds to each family and has a signed receipt from each one.  These 120 families really appreciate the support.  Manyof them have been able to restart up their small marketing businesses — without the financial support this would have taken several months — but with the support they will again be able to be supporting themselves quite soon. 

Pastor Diogene’s schedule remains full.  Doug has had but a few minutes with him.  Later this afternoon Doug has a meeting time set with Diogene.  God is using Pastor Diogene in many places in Haiti.  Yesterday Diogene and eleven other evangelical pastors met with the president of Haiti, President Rene Preval.  The meeting was scheduled to be short and focus on how the government can help the needy by partnering with the churches.  However Preval began to ask questions.  He told these pastors that he didn’t know much about the Protestant faith and wanted to understand the differences from Catholism.  What a great opportunity God gave these pastors!  The meeting went on for several hours.  Preval showed genuine interest — please pray that President Preval’s heart will be open to receive Jesus Christ as Savior.

One of the requests the pastors had for Preval was for the government to provide land for the relocation of many of their people.  Preval indicated this might be possible and would check into that possibility.  And then he invited the pastors back to meet with him today so they could continue their conversation concerning spiritual things and he would give them an answer concerning the request.  So that is where Diogene is this morning.  God is at work in Haiti — we’ve already seen so much good come from the devastaion of the earthquake.   Let’s pray together that President Preval would also trust the Savior. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support!



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