What an Amazing God!

Janary 12, 2010 around 3 o’clock I started taking courses for the second semestre , the teacher come in to the class for the first time and started teaching. This is  called [the Art of Oratory], this class talks about how can somebody be a good speaker. At that time , I paid attention to listen to him. I can also expect that he is really good in what is doing. Every Tuesday we have two hours with him. We have a break time every 45 minute. We didn’t even go out to enjoy the break time. We all stayed in the class , giving our ideas about the class we are taking.  One of us said: “This is the best class we ‘ve ever had, we hope that God will  help us to emmagazine and practice then all in our  ministries. Break time is finished the teacher restarted again. I could see in the room there is an absolute silence there every one paid attention to listen the teacher.

At 4h35 mn every one was fine. Therefore, less than ten minutes, something terrible will be happened that we couldn’t  even feel that. During that teacher spoke to us, one second later we are all felt the building is shaking most the student moved to the door, I did not make any step, seeing what the teacher will do.  Later it’s coming harder ,the teacher got under the table.  After he moved, I made a step to the door to join the students. There no one couldn’t do anything more than called JESUS. Some of them sings, said some Psalms, pray. I was just saying, “Lord your will be done.” I could feel, I was ready for whatever God wanted to do with me. A part of my class is fell down. When we went out, I felt like I will be died because there were so mamy dust came above, we couldn’t even inspire. Quick I started to cough no water to drink, nothing. But I knew Jessus was in control. I don’t say he is in control because I am alive, but I say it because I was ready for anything he would decided for me.

My request to everyone who will have opportunity to read my history is to keep me in prayers, so I can discern what he wants me to do. Dear my brothers and sisthers in christ, I love you all.




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