Many of you who have been to Haiti with us have asked about Mickenson.  He is a young man from Tricotte who interpreted and led worship for many of our teams.  Everyone who met Mickenson immediately became his friend.  Mickenson is currently in his second year of STEP seminary in Port-au-Prince.

Glenn Bridges received a phone call from Mickenson this morning and reported the following.

Mickenson was in class in seminary when the earthquake hit.  He, along with his classmates, ran from the shaking building as it was coming down and most of them made it out.  Two didn’t.  All of the buildings at the seminary have suffered severe damage.  Mickenson’s home is about 45 minutes by tap-tap (Haitian taxi) away from school.  The roads were now blocked with rubble so Mickenson began to walk.  Several hours later he arrived at home.   Glenn said that Mickenson is really hurting — he walked through the broken down city, he heard the sounds of the desperate, and he saw the bodies of many.

Please pray for Mickenson.  He will recover but never be the same.   He has experienced more than one should ever have to endure.  But we do trust that God will use this in Mickenson’s life for His purpose.



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