Doug is on his way home — his family has given a great deal these past three weeks — and we thank them for that.  Doug’s work in Haiti has been so timely.  I am encouraged, watching how God has used Doug.  The gifts that Doug used during these past three weeks are an example of spiritual gifts in action.  Many of the things that Doug did while in Haiti were way out of his comfort zone.  But with God’s supernatural enabling, Doug accomplished much in the strength of the Lord.  Thank you for your prayers for Doug. 

Glenn Bridges remains in Haiti.  He shared with me today the events of a young Haitian named Freto.  Freto is from Tricotte but lives in PAP with his uncle and aunt while he finishes high school.  His father died several years ago and his mother still lives in Tricotte.  Glenn took Freto under his wing several years ago and has helped him with his education and gave him and his mom food when needed.  Yesterday Freto came by to see if Glenn had any tarp or tent for him and his uncle & aunt — their house was totally destroyed in the earthquake and they are living in one of the tent cities but they don’t have a tent.  On the day of the earthquake Freto had skipped school — he doesn’t know why but he said, “it’s by God’s grace I wasn’t in school that day”.  Had he gone to school he would have been in class when the earthquake struck; his school collasped and most of his classmates died in the disaster.  God protected Freto and Freto sees it as God’s hand on his life.  Praise God!

Diogene and his ministry team are planning two week long evangelistic crusades.  When a crusade starts, the ministry team spends mornings praying, worshipping and reading God’s Word.  Afternoons are filled with door to door, tent to tent sharing the gospel with people and inviting them to the evening meeting.   The generator powered sound system cranked up to full volume begins the  praising of  God through singing and sharing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The first crusade will start Monday, February 8 and conclude on Sunday, February 14.  That one will be held in the PAP church area, out on the street.  Diogene said yesterday there were many new people in church and several trusted the Savior.   I told Diogene today that we will be providing prayer support for these crusades — please start praying today and on through these next few weeks as our Haitian brothers and sisters reach out to the lost and hurting of Port-au-Prince.



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