Glenn arrived in Tricotte last night and will be spending the next few days there.  Tricotte is about 120 miles north of Port au Prince and is the location of our orphanage.   Most of our 33 elementary schools are in that general area.  Glenn will be traveling to many of those school villages in order to verify the welfare of our students and the condition of the school buildings and churches.  We have had general reports that all is well but we want to do a thorough inspection to be sure there is no earthquake damage.

Biscaille is a village that was affected by the earthquake.  It is about a 45 minute hike up creek from Tricotte.  There was damage to about 60 houses in Biscaille.  Most of these houses were built with local rocks about the size of soccer balls that were mortared together with cement.  Even with this damage to so many houses there has been no reports of injury in Biscaille.  Praise God!  Glenn is working with our school director, Norius, and they are developing a plan to help these homeowner rebuild their houses.  Thank you for your support that is making this possible. 

Pastor Diogene and his ministry team continue to distribute food to the needy in his PAP church area.  They have also expanded their efforts to some other areas that have not received any aid at all.  In addition to directing Starfish Ministries in Haiti, Pastor Diogene is the President of the Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Haiti (UEBH).  Diogene has made contact with many of the pastors of the UEBH churches in PAP and found that many of them had a lot of loss of lives within their church bodies.  Many other families lost their homes and all their possessions and are living in tent cities.  And they are hungry.  So we are now supplying food, water and cooking oil to many of these needy as well.  God continues to supply through you.  Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.  Pastor Diogene is encouraged by the tremendous outpouring of help for his hurting people.


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