Dear Friends,

How exciting it is to see God at work! We are so THANKFUL for you who partner with us in ministry to the needy in Haiti. Last month Philip wrote about the storm damage in Haiti and the resulting needs for flood victims who lost their homes. Many of you have responded by praying for these people and many have given generously to help make a difference in these lives. Philip wrote that we had enough money for eight houses at the beginning of October. Now we have enough for over 20 houses! That is huge and we THANK YOU!

During the storms in early September, Philip, Glenn, Art Berry and I were in Tricotte. We thought we would be drilling a well In Camass, a village nearby, but instead we spent 11 days waiting out the storm in Tricotte. We did stay very busy doing projects in Tricotte that otherwise never seem to get done. That was good. We also spent time praying that the people of Haiti would look to Jesus Christ to meet their physical needs but more importantly to meet their spiritual need.

Early in October, Pastor Diogene took 17 of his ministry team to one of the areas that had been hit particular hard. They visited with many of the victims of the flooding there, sharing the gospel with them. They found such an openness to the gospel and saw God touch the hearts of many souls who prayed to receive Jesus as Savior. They also saw that many of these were hungry, not knowing from where their next meal would come. Again through your help we have been able to meet this need. Pastor Diogene has gone back to that village and helped many with food. THANK YOU!!

We have seen a tremendous response to the Christmas giving list the last couple years. So we are making it available again this year. We appreciate your prayers and support of this ministry.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie & Sheryl Bovenkamp


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