Dieu-Mene rounding the handle on his newly built tool box.

Dieu-Mene is one of our older orphanage children who wants to become a carpenter.  To encourage him and allow him to begin to develop skills in this area, Bernie brought several hand tools this trip to give to Dieu-Mene.  Bernie also suggested Dieu-Mene’s first project, a wooden toolbox, and provided the wood along with a basic plan.

Dieu-Mene got to work, cutting the rounded lines with his new coping saw, smoothing the edges with his Surform plane, and assembling the pieces with nails and glue.  Bernie periodically left the ministry accounting work he was doing to check on Dieu-Mene and offer advice and demonstrate techniques.  In the end, Dieu-Mene produced a very nice, solid, and function toolbox in which to keep his new tools.  And he was very pleased with it.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp


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