We haven’t had much information coming out of Haiti today.  Doug and Glenn did go to the UN meetings this morning and they learned that Port-au-Prince has been divided into 16 districts and five major organizations are responsible for those areas.  World Vision has been assigned the area where we have been distributing food.  That means that all the donated food will be flowing through those five organizations.  Doug now is trying to make contact with the World Vision leadership in Haiti so that we can work with them and access some of that food for our area.  Doug seemed to think that this new procedure will be positive in reaching into all the areas of PAP. 

We have had a great response in sponsoring needy families in Pastor Diogene’s church.  Doug has now hired Garry Charles to administer this project in Haiti.  Pastor Diogene has identified the families in need and now Garry will be gathering the information that we will be able to pass on to the sponsors.  Garry is the young Haitian, son of a witchdoctor, who we wrote about in our October 2009 newletter.  He was so excited when Doug offered him the job.  He had been praying for this and immediately began praising God.  Garry has a motorcycle so will be able to travel where needed to interview the needy families.

Please pray for Garry as he begins this new job with Starfish Ministries.  And please pray for Doug and Glenn as the now work toward making the right connections with World Vision.  And for Pastor Diogene and his team as they continue to reach out to the needy with food and the gospel.  Thank you!


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