I could envision Doug doing cartwheels in his excitement when I talked to him this morning.  All of your prayers and all of his meetings and hours of networking with many people during this week have paid off.  This morning we received two dump truck loads of free food, a total of 550 cases of “ready to eat” meals.  There are 12 meals to a case so a total of 6600 meals.  There are six different varieties of TV dinner type meals.  And they come with a heat pack so they are a hot meal immediately ready for hungry Haitians.  We are praising God for His provision of this food today!

Doug didn’t know if this is the first of more loads to come — but we thank God for whatever He supplies!  Doug really appreciates your prayers and support — he told me to pass on his gratitude to you all. 

Glenn was at the PAP church building site evaluating the damage and seeing if there is a safe way to start some demolition.  Pastor Diogene also had a Haitian engineer at the site checking out the foundation and basement ceiling in order to make a decision concerning the possibility of rebuilding.  Information will be put together and we’ll let you know what the outcome will be.

Glenn also was able to spend some time today Daniel Thalisamo and Mickenson.  They too appreciate the prayers of their American brothers and sisters in Christ.  Glenn said they are doing quite well for all they have been through.

We appreciate you all — thanks for your prayers and support.


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