Doug has had a great day in Haiti!   He began by spending time in prayer and reading his Bible and then went to the outside church on the street.  And God began answering his prayers.

Doug was sitting in the back of the church and noticed another white person came in and sat next to Diogene in the front.  After church was over Doug met Ken Little from Christian Reformed Word Relief Committee (CRWRC) and Ken was able to give Doug some very valuable information.  Doug didn’t know how he was going to get onto the tarmac at the airport to meet the plane that was already in the air –on it were a lot of tarps and ropes for the homeless on the hill and in the streets.  Ken gave him the methods to get where he needed to go, Doug followed Ken’s instruction, easily got through security and met the plane right out on the PAP Airport runway.   He unloaded the tarps and ropes and made it out again without any hassle.   We are praising God for bringing Ken Little to church this morning and being the answer to that need today.

Then Ken walked Doug through a process of accessing food from the World Food Organization that is administered by the UN.  Doug went to the UN tent early this afternoon, registered our Starfish Ministries organization, shared with them what we are doing to distribute food and now Doug has a meeting with them at 10:30 tomorrow morning.  We have been praying that God would provide the food to feed the 5000 on the hillside and this may be His answer.  Please continue to pray for Doug as he continues through this process.  Pray that we will be able to access that food for these hungry people. 

This morning a young boy came up to me at church and gave me an envelope full of money.  Ethan set up a hot chocolate stand on the street on Saturday, put out a sign that he was earning money in order to feed hungry people in Haiti and Ethan raised $107.25.  That’s huge — that $107.25 will feed almost 100 people for a week.  And now we trust that God is multiplying that over and over and the 5000 will be fed.

Doug also asked us to pray that he would be able to get internet access at Mephibosheth where he is staying.  It would help him a great deal as he does have a project at work at home that he needs to finish.  With internet access he will be able to continue his relief efforts in Haiti and also be able to finish the project at home.

Thank you all so much for your partnership with us — your prayers and financial support are making a great difference in reaching out to the needy in Haiti.



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