It’s Saturday afternoon and I just got off the phone with Doug in Haiti.  Doug is doing well — is staying busy and really appreciates all your prayers. 

This morning Pastor Diogene and Doug found another source of food and were able to purchase a full load of rice, beans and cooking oil at a reasonable price.  We are so thankful as God continues to supply.  As we were talking Doug said that the Haitian ministry teams were putting together more bags of various food items, cooking oil and water for distribution tomorrow. 

Over the past few days Doug and Diogene have been passing a hillside where Doug estimates that about 5000 people are “camping”.  They have lost everything and are mostly living out in the open.  Some of them have sheets or cardboard that they have made into flimsy shelters.  So today they stopped — Diogene and three of his ministry team walked into the camp.  They found this group to be some of the neediest of the needy.  Water is the only thing that they have received for aid since the earthquake hit.   So Diogene found some leaders of the group and asked them to  organize into smaller groups that we could realistically reach out to with food and water.   And tomorrow Diogene’s church will begin to distribute food to the first group. 

From our perspective this seems very overwhelming.  5000 hungry people need a lot more food than we have.  HOWEVER, isn’t it great to know the ONE who can turn the little that we have into enough to feed all  5000.  We are trusting that God is going to multiply what we have and that Diogene’s church ministry team will be able to reach out into this hillside area and feed the multitude.  And the result of that outreach will be that God will soften the hearts of these people and we will see a great harvest of souls.  Let’s bring what we have to Jesus — just like the little boy with the five loaves and two fish — and allow Him to do what only He can do. 

We also have some tents and tarps on there way to Haiti that Doug will be able to get to those most needing the covering.  Thanks so much to all of you who have taken part in collecting those items.

Please keep up the prayers.  God has answered so many — He is being exalted in the country of Haiti.


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