Doug spent about three hours at the UN & World Food Program meetings this morning.  Although we have not received food from these sources, Doug is confident that we could begin receiving food as early as tomorrow.  So please keep praying for this opportunity.

Pastor Diogene received word this morning that the wholesale food warehouse, where we bought out the food last week, has received a new shipment.  So we were able to purchase more rice and beans today and have made a second distribution to the large group of people on the hillside near Diogene’s church. 

Diogene’s ministry team has been busy preparing food packages and has been out making the distributions.  Doug says that has been going very orderly.  The team has identified by name each needy family, labels the package and distributes it to the family.  In addition to this ministry, the team is planning evangelistic outreach crusades.

Glenn Bridges from Kelseyville, CA, is on his way to Haiti.  He is arriving in Fort Lauderdale tonight and we are hoping and praying that he gets a flight to PAP tomorrow morning.  We have possible flight for him if he doesn’t get pumped.  Doug is looking forward to some help and a little break.  Please pray for Glenn, that his connections come together and he makes it in to Haiti tomorrow.  Pray for his wife Anita too while Glenn is away.

I just received a confirmation for another 40′ container load of food from FMSC (Feed My Starving Children).  We thank God for this organization in Minnesota.  They are making such a difference in so many lives in Haiti today.  Our load will be ready for us to pick up on February 15.

We thank God for you all — God is using you to partner with us in reaching out to the hungry and the lost.  We trust that God will draw many to Himself during this time.



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