Glenn Bridges connected with Art Berry from Bellingham in Dallas last night.  They arrived in Fort Lauderdale at about 11:30 PM, checked into a hotel and got a little sleep.  They were up early and started working on the details of their flight to Haiti today.  It seemed that it wasn’t going to come together and they were considering spending another night at the hotel when the phone call came.  “I have two seats available on a small plane that departs in about one hour.  Do you want them?”  Glenn and Art grabbed a taxi and headed directly to the airport.  I had to send additional documentation and at 10:00 AM PST I received the phone call saying that they were on the plane and ready for takeoff.  We are so thankful to God for providing these seats today.  Thank you for praying!

I was able to contact Doug and he is picking them up at the PAP airport right now. 

Doug’s morning didn’t go quite as he expected.  He had made arrangements for a donated load of rice to be delivered early this afternoon.  But it hadn’t arrived and the shipper didn’t know where it went — it had left the shipper’s warehouse hours before.  So Doug was continuing to look for it but didn’t have much hope at this point.  The word he did receive was that there is a lot of hijacking of food loads.  Please pray for Doug as he handles the ups and downs of dealing with difficult circumstances. 

On a positive note Doug reported that we were able to purchase a lot of rice, beans and cooking oil today.  It seems there is a good supply at the wholesale warehouse now.  And the price has come back down to about the same as it was before the earthquake.  For a 55 lb bag of rice our normal cost before the earthquake was about $20.00 US.  The most we paid a week after the disaster was $32.00.  Late last week it dropped to $27.00  and today we paid $23.00.  We thank God — this helps to make it possible for us to continue to serve the hungry even when the donated food doesn’t arrive.  The church ministry team made another distribution today.  Thank you so much for partnering with us with financial support — God is using your donations to feed His hungry children. 

Many of you have asked about specific sponsored children in our schools in the northern part of Haiti.  It is difficult to get the specific information.  However our school director has visited each of our 33 schools in the Tricotte area and everyone is safe.  In three of our villages there was some damage to houses but no injury.  God has spared everyone of our almost 6500 elementary school children.  We praise God for His hand of protection on these special kids.

Thanks for your continued prayers — they do make a difference.



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