Gift Cards

Have you given a gift to Starfish Ministries on behalf of someone else?  Maybe it’s a Christmas gift or a memorial for a loved one who has passed.  Click here for a selection of cards that you can print for to communicate the gift you have given. If you are interested in giving a specific gift, whether a Creole Bible for new Haitian believer to read or a goat to help sustain poor family, this list contains several options and prices.

Partners in Ministry

God has truly blessed us over the years through the people, churches, and organizations He has used to support His work in Haiti. These partners in ministry includes many Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ who have come along side us to serve in a number of different ways. It includes Haitian churches who partner with us in evangelistic crusades, disaster relief, and many other ways. It includes sponsors and other supporters who in the United States and Canada who support both financially and through prayer and encouragement. And it includes churches and other organizations who have partnered with us in various ways.

These include:

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Christmas List 2012

For 2012, we have added a couple of new items to the Christmas list:

As many of you know, we are in the process of building a medical clinic in Tricotte that will serve the entire area. The main building materials for the clinic are cinder blocks, and we need a lot more of them before we’re done. For $1.00 you can purchase, transport, and install one cinder block and contribute to the gift of medical care for many Haitians for years to come.

When school started in October, several of our schools had more children enroll than we anticipated, and we didn’t have enough benches to accommodate them all.  For $20 you can build a bench which will hold, depending on the age of the children, four to six students. It provides a place for them to sit as well as a surface for their books and papers.

Of course, we still have goats and chickens, well-drilling, bibles, songbooks, and more, too.

If you are interested in giving in this way, you can download a pdf file of the full Christmas list.

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp

Everyone Passed!

Edner (center) and four of the older orphanage children.

In Haiti, every student must pass a standardized national test each year in order to move on the next grade level. The results of last year’s test were released recently, and every child in our orphanage passed the test.  This is unheard of in Haiti where it’s not unusual for some students to remain at one grade level for several years before passing the test.  In our orphanage, we’ve never been close to 100%.

So what was the difference this year? In 2009, Edner Destima became the new Administrator/House Father of the Starfish Ministries orphanage.  He has been wonderful for the children, and their newfound academic success is just example of the impact he has made.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp

Really Good News!!!

In the midst of a lot of chaos we have this to excitedly report —

Philip & Debbie Bovenkamp became the proud parents of their first child:

Jillian Grace at 10:42 AM today January 14

She is 7lbs 12 oz and 20 3/4″ long

Sheryl and I are happy grandparents of our 8th grandchild.   We praise God a healthy, beautiful baby girl!

Bernie & Sheryl

A Personal Note

We are praising the Lord for the gift of twins, born to daughter, Karla, and husband, Andrew. Alyssa Ann and Luke Andrew were born March 19 and join Katelyn, age 3. They live in Lynden and Grampa and Gramma are enjoying them immensely!